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Maximum face hydration and Pre & Probiotic active ingredients for the functional rebalancing of the skin microbiota.
A new way to safeguard the beauty and youth of our skin is to take care of our skin microbiota through the daily use of substances that are capable of positively influencing the composition and balance of the skin microorganism community, responsible for natural hydration and maintaining healthy and young skin.

Blue Essentials collection

Blue Essentials – Protect Your Skin

Smooth, plump and a natural glow – young, healthy skin is usually blessed with a flawless complexion. Not only are sebum production and moisture levels in perfect balance, but the skin’s regeneration processes all work at maximum potential. To cut a long story short: The skin is resilient and well able to defend itself against external aggressors and oxidative stress. BUT: When environmental stress becomes too much, the skin’s own defense system might not be strong enough to handle it. This can lead to premature aging and the appearance of facial flaws and blemishes.

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ICONIC Suprême – Massage Device for Face Reshaping & Lifting

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Massage benefits

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