Blue Essentials – Protect Your Skin

The vegan pre-aging products from our Blue Essentials collection protect you from the negative effects of blue light, urban pollution and oxidative stress and thus help to prevent premature aging.

Smooth, plump and a natural glow – young, healthy skin is usually blessed with a flawless complexion. Not only are sebum production and moisture levels in perfect balance, but the skin’s regeneration processes all work at maximum potential. To cut a long story short: The skin is resilient and well able to defend itself against external aggressors and oxidative stress. BUT: When environmental stress becomes too much, the skin’s own defense system might not be strong enough to handle it. This can lead to premature aging and the appearance of facial flaws and blemishes.

Urban Pollution and Blue Light - THE Enemies of Young Skin

Everyone knows that UV rays can be harmful and dangerous. But blue light, air pollution and oxidative stress can also pose a threat to young skin:

Skin Shield - Defense against Digital Aging

Our unique Skin Shield is your protector against digital aging and environmental stress. A protective trio of marine minerals, twin red algae and brown algae defends your skin against blue light, urban pollution and free radicals. Not only do these aggressors attack your skin cells, they can also cause lasting damage to the skin’s own defense system and thus trigger the skin to age prematurely.

Marine Minerals supply your skin with vital minerals and trace elements. Since our body is familiar with marine minerals, they are readily absorbed and can serve as a means of transport for other active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, where they can release their full beneficial effects. Twin red algae defend the skin against environmental stress (like for example air pollution) and protect against moisture loss. Natural brown algae extract repels blue light and has great antioxidant properties.


Did you think air pollution is only an issue in big cities?

More than 90% of people worldwide live in areas with unhealthy levels of air quality*

Blue Essentials will never let you down

The pre-aging products from our Blue Essentials collection all have one thing in common: They are formulated with our protective Skin Shield and thus help the skin to cope with daily stressors like pollution, blue light and free radicals.