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Nurturing Cleansing Mousse

Enjoy this exclusive skincare experience: Delicate foam bubbles allow for gentle yet thorough cleansing, while your senses are treated to an exquisite fragrance. The Cleansing Mousse contains precious marine minerals and trace elements from the sea and is additionally enriched with crystallized sea foam. This unique ingredient from the coasts of the world’s oceans has been used as a gentle skin cleanser since ancient times. Our high-quality PREMIUM CLEAN Cleansing Mousse remains stable when it is applied to the skin and maintains its superior texture – for effective cleansing at the highest level. It is suitable for all skin types and can be combined with all other DALTON products.

Apply in the morning and evening to moist skin on the face, neck and décolleté, using circular movements. Thoroughly wash it off with water afterwards and apply the PREMIUM CLEAN Tonic.

We recommend using a Tonic after cleansing, to prepare the skin for the application of further products.

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