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Gentle Fluid Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

This innovative Fluid has a novel texture that combines the benefits of a cleansing milk and a cleansing gel. It is as creamy as a cleansing milk and as effective in cleansing as a gel. Its natural, delicate perfume oil emits a pleasant fragrance. The product contains marine minerals and sea silt, ingredients which are very suitable for sensitive skin and skin prone to irritation. The COMFORT CLEAN Cleansing Fluid has a velvety formulation that offers effective cleansing and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft after washing.

Apply in the morning and evening to moist skin on the face, neck and décolleté, using circular movements. Thoroughly wash it off with water afterwards and use the COMFORT CLEAN Tonic for sensitive skin.

We recommend using a Tonic after cleansing, to prepare the skin for the application of further products.

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