Beauty Boost

KV-1 Color Sealer Shampoo Açaí (Sulfate-free)


Based on essences of natural extracts such as:

– Acai: antioxidant, vitamins, minerals (acts to protect the color).

– Brewer’s yeast: revitalizing, sebaceous control (acts at the follicular level).

– Rice: polysaccharides, amino acids (provides protection and shine).

The oils, besides nourishing and hydrating, have the power to treat the hair internally, protecting it from the outside, since they act against oxidative damage. Its active properties are highly aromatic, non-fatty, volatile and light.They are highly concentrated and contains all of the essences from the plant.

It consists of a vitamin complex capable of rehydrating tissues and soothing and relieving sensitive and irritated skin. Panthenol with vitamin E (sun protection), are the most effective in terms of skin and hair care.

The cleanser that has, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, is of natural origin and is ideal for sensitive skin. It is important to note that it provides a dense and creamy foam. It is eco-friendly since it is easily biodegradable.

GREEN KIT (composed of 3 shampoos, 1 mask and 1 spray-conditioner).

250 ml.

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