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Premium Set with the best Anti-Aging Ampoules

The DALTON Anti-Aging Ampoules are soaked with the concentrated power of highly effective marine ingredients! The ampoules’ formulations are based on a combination of our rejuvenating Celumer Marine Extract and the key actives from each of our anti-aging product lines. The CAVIAR DELUXE Ampoule with an extra dose of caviar reveals a smooth and glowing complexion. The EXTREME LIFT Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule reduces the look of expression lines with instantly visible results. The Q10 Ampoule is enriched with the coenzyme Q10 to revitalize dull and tired skin. The S.E.A. Ampoule targets cellular skin aging and promotes firm facial contours. The HYALURONIC UREA Anti-Aging Ampoules infuse the skin with intense moisture and plump dry wrinkles from the inside out.

Minimizes wrinkles, moisturizes and reveals fresh and youthful-looking skin

Shake before use and place the ampoule opener onto the top of the ampoule. Face the dot towards you and bend the ampoule opener backwards. Pour the concentrate into the palm of your hand, then apply it on face, neck and décolleté and gently dab it in with your fingertips.

The Anti-Aging Ampoules Set is a great way to try out our ampoules or as an individual beauty treatment.

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