Beauty Boost




Mattifying and Pore-refining Moisturizer with Anti-Aging Effect

The mattifying moisturizer is formulated with oyster extract and pistacia lentiscus gum to control excess sebum production and reduce oily skin. The anti-aging cream targets the first signs of wrinkles, helps to clear clogged pores and keeps the skin shine-free and matte. Thanks to its special formulation, it manages to moisturize, hydrate and nourish dry skin areas, without overwhelming oily areas or making them look shiny or greasy. If used regularly, the pore-minimizing moisturizer can restore balance to the different zones of combination skin – for a smooth and matte complexion.

Yours is already empty? Pick up the full size to last longer and get more value for the price compared to the travel size.


Pore-refining, mattifying, balancing

Use in the morning and evening. Apply the pore-tightening moisturizer to face, neck and décolleté and massage into the skin. If you are also using the OYSTER Pipette Concentrate, apply the concentrate first and then the moisturizer.

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