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Anti-Aging Pore Minimizer Concentrate for Combination Skin

The Pipette Concentrate balances the complex needs of combination skin, shrinks pores and reduces oily shine in the T-zone, where the oil glands are most active. The mattifying concentrate combines the anti-aging potential of our Calmer Marine Extract with the natural minerals of the oyster and the astringent and pore-refining extracts of pistachio lemniscus and witch hazel. It hydrates the dry areas of combination skin, protects against free radicals and slows skin aging, while minimizing the look of pores. Thanks to its anti-comedogenic properties, pistachio lemniscus also helps to remove blackheads, microcysts and clogged pores.

Mattifying, pore-minimizing, balancing

Apply 1-2 pumps of the concentrate to face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening, and gently pat it into the skin. If you are also using the OYSTER Cream, please apply the Pipette Concentrate first. Shake before use.

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