Beauty Boost

Peeling Capilar Bifuncional


Sometimes, hair needs to be purified, either from the accumulation of dirt, product build up, before a hair or scalp treatment or simply by the excess of dead cells and sebum.

For these cases the PEELING was devised. A more powerful way to purify the hair and scalp, but without being aggressive or harmful.
This product is developed exclusively of plant origin and has a double acting power: chemical and physical.

The AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) chemically exfoliates the surface without the need for friction. And the “apricot bone powder” gently exfoliates the same surface to drag away excess dead cells and even the residues of resins and heavy silicones from previous products.
It will not be necessary to use the peeling in all cases; It is advisable to make a prior diagnosis and assess their need for each case.

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