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All You Need for Sensitive Skin

Redness, itching, skin feeling hot and tight: Sensitive skin needs a skincare routine that strengthens the skin and brings it back to balance. Our SENSITIVE CARE line consists of extra gentle, fragrance-free products to reactivate the skin’s natural immune system and restore the damaged skin barrier. The Cream Medium, the Cream Rich (which can also be used as a mask) and our Eye Cream for sensitive skin all help to reduce inflammation and irritation whilst providing antioxidant benefits. This starter kit offers a complete skincare regimen specially designed for sensitive skin.

Soothes skin & strengthens the skin barrier

In the morning and evening after cleansing. Start by applying the Eye Cream and then the Cream Medium. The SENSITIVE CARE Cream Rich can be used as a night cream or as a mask 1-2 times a week. If used as a mask, apply a thicker layer, leave on for 20 minutes, then gently massage the remains into the skin or remove them with a cosmetic tissue.

Try our starter kit for sensitive skin and save 25% over buying the products individually.

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